Indycas was founded in February of 2021. Two brothers, Nick and Dan, partnered with their friend John to create a publishing platform that would go beyond stickers and simple prints. They wanted to erode the negative stigma of "exposure" by providing direct interactions with customers in busy retail environments.

     Today, our company is constantly evolving to provide the highest quality papers and tips to our customers, while fostering high value partnerships with artists from around the world. Independent artists are often asked to choose between good exposure and good pay, while contracted artists lose the rights to their own art. Our goal is to set a new standard of ethics for the inclusion of artists in commercial projects by providing both prominent credits and fair pay with their feature. We hope our expanding community serves as a beacon for new and aspiring artists who are looking for valuable opportunities to learn, share, and collaborate on their next masterpiece.

     Indycas' Signature Rollies & tips are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers in the world. Our hemp rollies, made in the European Union, are FSC certified (meaning rainforests aren't cut down to make them) and free from exploited labor sources. Our tips are printed less than an hour from our facility in New England, which keeps the carbon emissions low without sacrificing quality.

     Communities are built one connection at a time. Help us build ours. Whether you're an artist, smoker, shop, or dispensary, we want to hear from you! Email our management team today and tell us what we can do to bring our teams together.