As a company, it is our mission to present fair and clear avenues for artists to achieve success. By operating on a basis of fair practices instead of contracts, we minimize costs and risks usually associated with publishing artists. Our artists become our independent partners, and are able to maintain complete control over their portfolios, future publications, and their brand as a whole. Our compensation guidelines provide a detailed look into how we are able to provide layers of value to our partnered artists.

Layer 1: Royalties

A defining feature of Indycas’ Signature Rollies & tips, royalties are how we help direct revenues to our featured artists. Royalties are paid out according to the production size of a particular Collection, which can vary. Featured artists are kept in the loop throughout production, meaning there are no surprises about what to expect when the Collection enters distribution.

Layer 2: Retail Exposure

Exposure has become a bit of a taboo word for artists these days, and we intend to fix that. Exposure is critical to artists trying to launch their brand into the world. Digital exposure is cheap, and it’s returns can be very unpredictable. Indycas offers a chance for artworks to go directly into retail placements at smoke shops and dispensaries, locations typically out of reach for independent artists. Featuring with our brand means you may also be represented at events without having to pay for advertising space.

Layer 3: Direct Payments

We put YOUR work in the hands of thousands of people. By placing a mobile payment QR code alongside your links and credits, we allow anyone smoking with our papers to instantly send any amount of cash directly to you. Fans can skip the middle man and pay your directly for the great work you make. Now that’s independent!

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